I am Kelly A. Martin, a Licensed Professional Counselor.

I served as a law-enforcement officer for 16 years in the Fort Worth area. In this capacity I received specialized training in crisis negotiation, ​mediation skills, crisis debriefing, and post-traumatic stress.

I’ve worked with at-risk youth extensively - mediating conflicts, motivating for change, providing encouragement, support and guidance during times of challenge for them, all while emphasizing self-empowerment so they could take control of their lives in a positive way.

Ultimately, it’s my goal to help those from all walks of life who are experiencing difficulty. Despite my specialized law-enforcement training in acute crises, I also have experience working with those dealing with family relationship issues, including problems that arise during a marriage relationship and after a marriage is potentially in trouble - to help prevent divorce.  I believe there’s a need for help far beyond initial trauma. It’s my passion to assist in the “aftermath.”  After problems occur, we must seek solutions to help us return to our optimum potential level of functioning. I follow through with individuals to problem-solve. My counseling process fosters self-empowerment, education and awareness. I provide empathetic guidance and focus on personal strengths of each client.

I’ve intentionally exposed myself to various programs/internships/volunteer assignments where I could learn about different aspects of need for those in the community. During this time, I worked as a case worker at ACH Child and Family Services, where I was a family based safety service/family preservation counselor. I provided parenting training, family violence education, drug awareness, anger management, and other programs of training to assist families with safety and cohesion.

Later, I was employed by MHMR of Tarrant County where I worked with clients in need of assistance with personal crisis and mental health lifestyle issues which posed a threat to their safety and/or potentially, the safety of others. I also spent time working at the MHMR Youth Recovery campus as a volunteer intern. There, I counseled for addiction issues, dangerous/risky behaviors, life-skills, anger management and depression with young men working to conquer adversity at a very young age. I also assisted in both large and small group counseling.

Finally, I worked for the Arlington Police Department as a Victim Services counselor. In that capacity I provided immediate crisis response to domestic violence victims, those who had lost loved ones through violent circumstances, and those who had been involved as a victim of a violent/traumatic crime.

Each of these environments added a new facet of experience and knowledge that have shaped me into a well-rounded, yet highly skilled counselor who is equipped to help people from all walks of life. In a nutshell:

  • I am an LPC in Texas (License #66324)
  • I hold an Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • I’ve completed internships in a variety counseling settings including the Walsh Counseling Center at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Southcliff Baptist Church.
  • I’m trained and experienced in providing counseling with individuals, couples, families, and groups with adults and adolescents.
  • I am a professional member of the American Counseling Association, and follow their code of ethics and guidelines for counseling practice.